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The face behind Transformation



beauty professional.

"Transformation is fueled by each and every client I serve, as it is your new found confidence, smile and transformation that keeps my passion alive."


Hi beauties,

     My name is Chanet Mottern the founder of Transformation beauty studio, thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you a little about myself, I am first a mom of a little boy, who inspires me and is the reason I chose to start my own business, so I would be able to have the time I wanted with him. Professionally, I am a double certified working Celebrity/Professional makeup artist of over 17 years! I have traveled all over to do makeup for countless brands while running my own high fashion/bridal business. I have done celebrities, socialites, models and every day people from all walks of life in gender, race and age. Along side my extensive experience with makeup I am also a licensed working esthetician, although I love the art of makeup, there is nothing better than well taken care of skin and relaxation. I trained at one of the top industry schools then went off to do luxury facials designed and created in Paris France, for Dior beauty. I have study above and beyond in the art of waxing in order for my clients to have a quick, painless and flawless waxing experience. Brows have always been my favorite facial feature from customizing the perfect brow thru waxing or filling in during a makeup application. Brows frame the face the right shape brow can make you look 10 years younger or even feel 10 times more confident, they are that powerful. This is why I got into microblading it just seemed like a no brainier! I don’t use stencils or the same strokes on everyone. No two brows are the same that includes the two on our face! Which is why I pay careful attention to the pattern of the hair growth and the natural shape of your eyebrow! It is with utmost importance for me to create a natural brow that will enhance your face.  

       Your opinions on any the services I may provide comes of great value to me, as it is apart of my job to give my professional input, I like to work with you so we can come to the perfect middle ground. As the beauty industry is constantly changing I try to keep up with the latest and greatest techniques so that my clients will get nothing short of the best! I use natural plant based products free of toxic ingredients or they are a mix of inorganic and organic formulations. Skin is the largest organ of the body after all and what we put on it is important , so I have carefully chosen each product I use with that in mind to provide the best all around experience and results. 

       This is a dream come true; I am humbled and appreciate your trust weather I’m making your face up, relaxing you, waxing you or tattooing you! If you’re asking why the butterfly? Butterflies for me represent the next phase in life, that we all have the ability to open our wings and fly, start new and be transformed into something more beautiful than ever inside and out. Transformation is fueled by each and every client I serve, as it is your new found confidence, smile and transformation that keeps my passion alive. Thank you so much for visiting; Transformation Beauty Studio and I look forward to meeting you soon!


With gratitude and love, 

Chanet Mottern  


Transformation beauty studio

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